Thank you for your interest in Footsteps Family
Dance Center!

At Footsteps it is our mission to help parents raise
their children according to the Biblical principles,
using dance as a teaching tool for life lessons.

Through dance, kids can learn

social skills





personal goal-setting


many other things that make the
kind of adults we hope our students will become!

And the best part is....

It all happens while they're


and getting some great

We invite you to tiptoe through our website.
If you have any questions at all, even silly ones,
please feel free to give us a call at


or email us at


or stop by for a personal visit at our studio at

80 Dillmont Drive
Columbus, OH 43235
(Near Lazelle & 23 in the
Park Place Shopping Center)

Business Hours

Monday-Thursday 3:30-8:30
Friday 4:00-
Saturday & Sunday Closed

Available by email 24/7
at info@footstepsfamilydance.com
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Directions to the Studio
"I love that our instructor (Miss Sarah) is so patient and so creative with the youngest girls... it is a
difficult age, and she manages them so well. I enjoy seeing the best of my daughter brought out in her
love of dance."

--Catherine Schobert, mom of Claire, age 5

"Call after call [to other studios] led to frustration when the local studios closer to home would refer to
'the girls' even after being told we were looking for a studio for our son. After hearing an ad on The
River for FFDC, Owen looked at me expectantly and asked me if this could be the place that God was
leading us. Oh, from the mouth of babes. So, while he was in preschool, I called and spoke with Miss
Sharon who spoke fondly of the children and families and spoke of modesty and a God-centered studio.
After our first visit, we knew God called us to come to FFDC and have not regretted the decision. We
love that our son is a dancer and that he is treated with as much respect at the girls in the class. We
love that he is not going to be exposed to inappropriate lyrics, dance moves or body parts as he would
be in some of the secular studios. FFDC has been a great fit for our dancer!!"

--Kim Lunsford, mom of Owen, age 7

"When Addie was old enough to consider dance class, I began asking other mothers for their opinions
of the local dance studios. Footsteps received the most glowing reviews! The modest costumes, the
family atmosphere, and even the Father Daughter Dude Dance were all mentioned again and again, and
that pretty much sold us. I attended the Open House and was even more impressed by what I saw and
heard from the staff...and I enrolled Addie on the spot! We've been very happy with our decision. Addie
truly loves her dance class, and we're proud to be part of the FFDC family!"

--Jennifer Kearns, mom of Addie, age 5

"I checked out several studios near our home, but none of them had the commitment to modesty and
age appropriate costumes that we felt were necessary. We finally found Footsteps and gave it a try. We
felt right at home, right away. Chloe has now started her fifth year in dance and we couldn't be more
pleased with our choice of studio. There is a family attitude and a dedication to pleasing the Lord that I
don't think we could find anywhere else."

--Jamie Cribbs, mom of Chloe, age 8

"I just wanted to personally thank you for a great year. Mackenzie learned not only some great dance
moves, but more importantly some great life lessons. I have had folks tell me that they see a change in
her confidence just from dancing.  You ladies do such a nice job of keeping it all in perspective and
that is platinum in my book."

--Robyn Beal, mom of Mackenzie, age 10

"This is just a note to say 'Thank you' and 'Bravo' for last night's recital. I thoroughly enjoyed the
production. The music was awesome. The costuming--lovely as usual. I also like that you try to choose
costumes that are beautiful and appropriate to each routine, but that the outfits are modest. God is
blessing you, & through you, He's blessing many."

--Lynn Schultz, grandma of Cassidy, age 8

"I can't thank you enough for your hard work & dedication to running a top-notch studio. You are
appreciated. Thanks for loving my girl!"

--Alisha Sheely, mom of Brooke, age 9
For detailed driving directions, you can also check our
"About Us" page under "Where we dance."

Our address is
80 Dillmont Drive
Columbus, OH 43235

In the Park Place Shopping Center
at the corner of
Lazelle Rd and SR 23
How Footsteps Makes Parents' Dreams Come True:
Cute, conservative costumes

Creative, age-appropriate

Unique incentives to encourage &
measure progress

Passionate, compassionate

Reasonable, competitive prices for
both tuition and costumes

Christian-owned &

Early publication of events, dates,
& times

Well-organized, fast-moving shows

Parents may observe all classes
through our 1-way viewing
What our Families Say About Footsteps
Great communication

Homey, comfortable facility

Recreational students valued as
much as competition company

High-quality training in technique
and artistry

We listen to parents' opinions &

Friendly, helpful office staff

We pray for our students and their

Parents are included in their kids'
dance education
your convenience!

See Online Registration page for details.
FAQ About Footsteps

Q: How much do your classes cost?
A: Check our Tuition, Attire, & Policies page, under How Much We Charge!

Q: What is your dress code?
A: Check our Tuition, Attire, & Policies page, under What We Wear to Class!

Q: What do your costumes look like?
A: See for yourself on our Photos page!

Q: How do I register?
A: Check our Tuition, Attire, & Policies page, under How to Register, or get started
on our Online Registration page!

Q: I have other questions. How can I get in touch with someone?
A: Call us at 614-883-5599 (please leave a voicemail) or email us at
footstepsfamilydance@yahoo.com. Come see us in person at one of our Open
Houses! See blue box above for details.
Family Dance Center
Now accepting summer & fall registrations! Join the
Footsteps family today!

It's Not Too Late to Join Us for Summer!
We've got all kinds of dance fun planned for summer both for new dancers and for those who are continuing their
training! Check out all of the options on our
Summer page. Our summer session runs through July 31--plenty of
time left to enjoy dancing at Footsteps before school starts!

Early Bird Fall Registration Now Underway!
Yes, that's right, we're already registering for fall classes, & spots are being claimed quickly! Folks who enroll by
July 31 receive $5 off their registration fee (normally $25/single student or $35/family) & first pick of class
days/times! To register, visit our
online registration page. To check out our fall class schedule, visit our schedules
page. To see if FFDC is a good fit for your family, visit the studio a
nytime during summer business hours (see
June 22-July 31!

New Lyrical & Musical Theater Classes for Fall!
We are excited to once again offer recreational lyrical and musical theater classes for dancers ages 10-12 this
fall! Check out our
Classes page for descriptions & prerequisites, our Schedules page to see when we're offering
these new additions, and our
Online Registration page to join the fun!

Spring Concert DVD Delivery
If you are one of the families who enjoyed our Spring Concert shows so much that you ordered a DVD to watch
over & over again, you'll be able to pick those up at the studio starting at our Fall Registration Open House on
August 21-22 4:00-7:00 pm, then weekdays 4:00-8:30 pm starting August 24. Can't wait to see them!

Fall Registration Open House August 21-22
Interested in possibly joining the Footsteps family, but want to check us out in person first? No problem! We
actually prefer that you do, so you're making the most informed decision when choosing a home studio for your
precious children. You're invited to do just that at our Fall Registration Open Houses on August 21-22 4:00-7:00
pm! Come take a free trial class, tour our colorful facility, meet our director & select staff, browse our dancewear
selection, enjoy refreshments, & get your questions answered. If you wish to register, you're welcome to do so--in
fact, folks who sign up for a free trial class & enroll in fall classes at our open house get a free Footsteps T-shirt!
Your choice of sizes & colors. For times & details about the free trial classes, please check out the online
signup--space is limited, so if you wish to take one or more of these no-obligation sample classes, please do
sign up! See you there...........

Sign Up to Be a Class Assistant!
One of Footsteps' unique & endearing features is our thriving Assistant Program. Not only do assistants help out
in the classrooms, but they also learn as apprentices how to become the next generation of dance instructors!
Our assistants are volunteers, until they've been in the program for several years, are at least age 14, and are
hand-selected to serve as interns, who co-teach a class under the watchful eye of our senior staff. If you are at
least 8 years old and have been in our Ruby/Beginner classes or higher for at least 1 year, you're eligible to join
our Assistant Program! To participate, you must sign up
HERE, and you must register for your own fall classes by
July 31. We'd love to have you!

Fall Classes: Season 11!
We are so thankful that the Lord Jesus has sustained us for the past decade, and we're so excited to kick off our
11th season of dance starting August 31! New aspects of our program include new Company groups, new ages
& levels & more classes in lyrical, musical theater, & acrobatics, a new teacher (Miss Angela), updates to the Frog
Hop Dancewear Shop (now managed by Miss Jessica), new plans for our social media presence (to be run by
Miss Lisa), a new wall display for our new Company photos, and improvements to our Genesis Program
including new class names, new age divisions, and the addition of jazz for ages 4-6! Oh, and we're working on a
brand-new, more user-friendly, mobile-compatible website, too! Lots of good things to come, Lord williing, in our
2015-16 season.....
to take a virtual video tour of our beautiful new
facility, guided by dancers in our accelerated
Company Program. This video was a team
project created at our annual Company
Sleepover in winter 2013. Enjoy--we sure had
fun putting it together for you!